Your Rotex

The D9685 Committee

Winnie Yip


Switzerland 2013

Languages: English, Cantonese, German, Swiss German, Japanese, a little bit Vietnamese and a little bit of Dutch.

Jamie Weiss


Switzerland 2015

Languages: English, German, Swiss German and a little bit of Japanese.

Steph Lin


Belgium 2015

Languages: English, French.

Stephanie Sear

Committee Member - Secretary

Brazil 2014

Languages: English, Portuguese.

Vincent Tsang

Design and Marketing

Switzerland 2014

Languages: English, German, Swiss German, Japanese.

Laura Chung


Denmark 2015

Languages: English, Danish.

Charlie Hole

Committee Member

Denmark 2014

Languages: English, Danish

Isobel Barry

Committee Member

Mexico 2015

Languages: English, Spanish

Emmet Murray

Committee Member

Finland 2015

Languages: English, Finnish, learning Spanish

Sue Rice

D9685 Coordinator

Languages: English

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