Application Process

How to apply

Firstly, find out if you live within our Rotary District, located in southern New South Wales and the Australian Capital Territory. If you’re not sure which Rotary District in Australia you live in, you can find your Rotary District by typing your postcode into the Find my District tool on the Rotary Youth Exchange Australia website.

If you need help to find a local Rotary Club in our District to sponsor you, please get in touch with Rob Uhl, the Rotary District 9705 Youth Exchange Program Chair, by completing the online form on the contact page.

Before you complete the Preliminary Application Form, please make sure you live within Rotary District 9705.

Complete the Preliminary Application Form and submit it to your local Rotary Club’s Youth Director or Youth Exchange Officer before 14 April 2022. The Rotary Club must provide the form and the application fee to the Rotary Youth Exchange Chair by 30 April 2022.

What happens next?

Don’t forget to submit your application to your local Rotary Club BEFORE 14 April 2022.

Your chosen Rotary Club’s Youth Director or Youth Exchange Officer will arrange an interview with you. The club will interview you first and, if they agree to sponsor you, our District’s Program Chair will ask you to attend an interview in June 2022.

If we select you as one of our District’s Rotary Youth Exchange outbound students, your Rotary Club will become your sponsor club.

Your sponsor Rotary Club will be encouraged to host an inbound (a Rotary Youth Exchange student from abroad) student as part of this exchange process.

To do so, your sponsor Rotary Club and our District’s program will need your help to identify any host families. Host families could include your own family and other families who we can approach to host an inbound student for 3-4 months. This is typically between August-November, December-March or April-July.

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