Program Costs

There is no general cover-all fee to experience a Rotary Youth Exchange.

The Rotary District 9705 Youth Exchange Program will charge a standard fee to all students, which includes airfares, insurance, visa application fees, the cost of orientation camps and several other items.

This fee will be set after fare negotiations with airlines.

The up-front cost covers:

  • airfares and visas
  • health, accident, travel, and property insurance
  • two training weekends before commencing the exchange plus a debriefing upon returning to Australia
  • a blazer
  • photo business cards.

The host Rotary Club abroad will provide:

  • a monthly allowance roughly equal to AUD$130 per month
  • school fees at a local public high school in the host country
  • meals and accommodation at official Rotary District events in the host country.

The program fee does not include the following items:

  • clothing and personal toiletries
  • passport and additional travel (for example, group tours arranged by the Rotary Youth Exchange Program in the host country)
  • souvenirs and gifts
  • school excursions
  • medications
  • language tuition
  • an emergency fund of approximately $500.

Feedback from parents of returned students is that the overall cost for the year is around AUD$13,000 to AUD$16,000.

Costs can vary greatly with the student, family and country of exchange. When considering the costs, parents should take into account the cost of maintaining the student if they remained at home and attended school in Australia.

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